Changed Our Legal System

Changed Our Legal System

As a historian, many individuals ask me, “Exactly what do you believe human background was?” I’m sure if I lived during the “black plague” in the 13th century or the “Mongol Invasions” lead under Genghis Khan in the 11th century, my response may be various. As a 30-year-old man living in the 21st century, my answer has to be “September 11th, 2001”. We are only 17 years into this century, less than a year in, the worst assault on American soil in our country’s history took area, creating remarkable mass panic and also fear. The anxiety that has never quite vaporized from our conscious.

Therefore, when such a country is struck, it brings forth world-wide effects. The September 11th assaults resulted in thousands of innocent American resident casualties, thousands of US army casualties, and also more compared to a million deaths in Iraq as well as Afghanistan; many of that were not adversary combatants. The country of Iraq had nothing to do with the assaults on 9/11– Sadly, that is a conversation for a different day.

16 years later on, the battles between east as a result of these assaults are still recurring.

Changed Our Legal System

Considering that 9/11/2001, a total overhaul of what it indicates to be “cost-free” as well as “secure” has actually been forever changed. France, UK, Germany, Sudan, Burma, Canada, all who have actually had stress with Muslims because of 9/11. An additional adverse effect of the 9/11 assaults is the strike on our individual liberties under the guise of “Drone Security“.

As a result of these assaults, the USA felt compelled to pass laws like the “Patriot Act” and also the “National Protection Authorization Act of 2012”. The Patriot Act was passed under the Bush administration which allowed the federal government to supersede the need for a warrant to seize residential property or wiretap phones, so long as thought “terrorism” was cited for the reason. The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, passed under the Obama management, specifically sections 1021 as well as 1022, allows for the indefinite apprehension of American Citizens without use test; so long as there is “suspicion” of terrorism entailed; A word that is still not completely defined.

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