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Ryobi P717 Hybrid LED Spotlight Overview – A Mild That Is going The Distance

This publish is subsidized by way of The Residing Depot. Relating to procedure lights, I’m a huge fan of going free-range. LED lights has stepped forward incessantly over the last few years, and Ryobi has been inside the thick of it, with a pleasing choice of 18V LED lighting for each and every tournament. We in recent times looked at their hybrid LED color range paintings mild, and have been inspired with its versatility. So was once my partner, who has known as more or less permanent dibs on it. It’s great for operating in a troublesome and rapid area, on the other hand typically you merely have to head walkabout. Ryobi has an app for that, too, inside of the kind of the Ryobi P717 Hybrid LED Spotlight. We had one alight on our doorstep in recent times; be part of us as we brighten your day with a take a look at its choices, and notice how correctly it banishes the darkness.

ryobi p717
The Ryobi P717 Hybrid LED Spotlight, comfy in its clamshell packaging…

If you’re muttering “Massive deal – it’s in all probability just like the flashlights the entire tool makers use to pad out their kits,” relax – the Ryobi P717 would make those other flashlights wet their pants. If flashlights wore pants. With seven 3-Watt Cree LED bulbs cranking out over 2,500 lumens, Ryobi claims the light has a beam distance of over 700 yards. I will’t see a ways enough to verify that claim, on the other hand finally, it puts out a LOT of light. Listed here are the specifications from Ryobi, followed by way of a quick video to enlighten you on their LED lights lineup:

• Over 2,500 Lumens of light
• 700 yds. of beam distance
• (7) 3-Watt Cree LEDs for awesome mild output
• Up to five hours of runtime with RYOBI P108 4.0 Ah LITHIUM+ Battery (now not incorporated)
• Dual powered, or hybrid expertise
• Part of the RYOBI ONE+ International’s Biggest 18-Volt Instrument Gadget
• 3-year manufacturer’s ensure
• Is composed of: (1) P717 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless Hybrid LED Spotlight, (1) 12-Volt Automobile Twine, and operator’s information
• Battery and charger introduced for my part
• Uses Stem Pack Sort Battery

Enlightening Data About The Ryobi P717 Hybrid LED Spotlight

When the Ryobi P717 Hybrid LED Spotlight arrived, the first thing I noticed was once how mild it is. That’s “mild” as in “now not heavy” – the spotlight weighs just a pound and a part. The body is made of rugged plastic in Ryobi green, and the take care of and front portion of the light are coated with a clean rubber overmold. This makes it way more comfortable to hold, and is helping protect the endeavor end of the light from the occasional knock.

Subtle rubber overmold makes the take care of comfy to hold…
And is helping protect the lens from the bangs and bumps of the actual global.

Underneath the ground of the light is where you sign up for your calories provide of variety. The Ryobi P717 Hybrid LED Spotlight will serve as using any Ryobi 18V ONE+ battery; obviously, better battery = longer run time. The light may well be very secure when resting on its base, with or and now not the usage of a battery.

ryobi p717
Battery or calories wire? You unravel.

Even though basically supposed for handheld use, an enclosed loop on top of the light supplies you possible choices for placing the light, from a bungee wire or a measurement of heavy twine, for instance.

An integrated loop turns out to be useful for if you need your Ryobi P717 to carry spherical…

For those missions where you’re tethered in your car – while out looking for your out of place puppy python, or scanning mailboxes for a late-night Uber pickup – plug inside the incorporated 12V car adapter wire, and fireside it up. Magically, the Ryobi P717 is solely as bright using the 12V car wire as it is with the 18V Li-Ion battery.

In most cases, being tethered is an appropriate other.

The Ryobi P717 Motto: Let There Be Mild – LOTS Of Mild

Your first clue that the Ryobi P717 will not be an strange flashlight comes if you happen to glance it inside the face. Its reflective recessed surfaces glance bright even if it’s powered down – which is the only time it’s best to take a look at it head-on, assuming you need functioning retinas.

ryobi p717
Seven Cree LEDs wait patiently to release some lumens.

Running the Ryobi P717 Hybrid LED Spotlight is ready as simple as it’s going to get. Pull the spark off once for the over the top beam, once yet again to tone it down a notch, and once further to turn it off. Ready for the quiz? On every occasion you release the spark off, the light remains in regardless of mode you selected.

Running instructions: Pull the spark off.

While some flashlights can help you slim or widen the light spread, the beam at the Ryobi P717 isn’t adjustable. It’s most likely now not a flashlight, even if, it’s a spotlight; it focuses a large number of the mild directly ahead, on the other hand however lighting up a pleasing, huge swath of the surrounding area.

Though the Ryobi P717 uses energy-efficient LED bulbs, cranking out 2,500+ lumens generates somewhat of heat. To deal with the light from melting proper right into a puddle of green goo, Ryobi built-in an aluminum heat sink and cooling fins, to lend a hand expend that heat. It truly works very correctly.

A heat sink and cooling fins expend heat correctly.

Taming The Dark Facet

When the Ryobi P717 spotlight arrived, I fooled spherical with it somewhat in the house all the way through the day. I was inspired by way of how so much it illuminated spaces that have been already slightly correctly lit, along with how so much it lit up the dark basement and attic. What I was if truth be told attempting forward to, even if, was once seeing how correctly it will perform after I took it external to play in the dark.

It was once a moonless evening time, and as quickly because it was once totally dark, out we went. I stood on our once more porch, and aimed the Ryobi P717 spotlight at the alley, about 250’ away. I pulled the spark off, and Bam – a truly correctly illuminated view of our neighbor’s garage, at the side of a good-sized swath of our backyard.

A dark and moonless evening time…
ryobi p717
Until I pulled the spark off at the Ryobi P717.

I pulled the spark off yet again, changing to the Low surroundings. The Ryobi P717 however illuminated the entire issues very correctly; if truth be told, it looked to be a better surroundings for such relatively close-up viewing. The Over the top surroundings was once just about too bright. The neighbor pulled up in front of his garage while I was doing my trial, and most likely idea a raid was once in growth…

Nevertheless quite a lot of mild at the Low surroundings.

After lights up the backyard, I moved out to the street. There’s only one streetlight shut by way of, and the street will not be very correctly lit. I once yet again fired up the Ryobi P717 at the Over the top surroundings, and impulsively the street was once VERY correctly lit. From where I was status to the easiest of the hill where the street ends is a few quarter of a mile, and the blazing LEDs illuminated each and every reflector along the best way through which, at the side of an excellent chew of the roadway. After a minute or so, folks have been poking their heads out to peer what the heck was once going on. I decided that was once an excellent time to near ‘er down, and scurried away.

A not-very-well-lit highway…
Until the Ryobi P717 spotlight intervened.

Just right Conclusions On The Ryobi P717 Hybrid LED Spotlight

As I mentioned previous, I’m an enormous fan of untethered lights. After having the risk to try the Ryobi P717 Hybrid LED Spotlight, I will say that it excels at what it does. And what it does is crank out mild – LOTS of light. Over 700 yards of light? I’m not sure; our Beam Distance Measuring Meter is off somewhere being recalibrated. What I CAN say is that I seldom have the need to light up one thing over a third of a mile away. When we pay attention something atypical out in our farmyard at evening time, even if, this might be my go-to mild to decide what the hell it is – from a protected distance.

The Ryobi P717 Hybrid LED Spotlight can be a excellent variety for anyone who has to do related checking on large homes at evening time, seek and rescue team of workers, out of place puppy seekers, and the like. For anyone using the light basically from a car, the incorporated wire saves swapping out batteries – and also makes the spotlight somewhat lighter to hold. The 6’ measurement of the wire limits how a ways you will get from its calories provide, even if, so if you must use it clear of the auto, schlep along a battery.

ryobi p717
The power wire is a good risk for if you happen to’re merely cruising spherical.

Speaking of batteries, the Ryobi P717 is solely in the market as a unadorned tool. For anyone at the Ryobi 18V platform, you’re nice to head, as the light will serve as on any Ryobi 18V battery. In another case, you’ll desire a battery and charger. They’re in the market for my part and in bundle deal provides, and occasionally you can find one different tool you need (and don’t you always need one different tool?!) that includes a battery and charger for now not way over you’d pay for the battery and charger on my own. Battery existence at the 4.0 Ah battery was once glorious all the way through our trying out. In the end of the indoor and outdoor trying out, I left the light on Low, without recharging the battery. It saved shining for 13-1/4 hours previous than it finally crapped out!

ryobi p717
The Ryobi P717 Hybrid LED Spotlight wrings a lot of lumens from an 18V battery.

It appears the Ryobi P717 Hybrid LED Spotlight is a hit with maximum consumers; at the Residing Depot internet website online, it’s rated 4.7 out of five by way of 760 reviewers. Now not like the light itself, the ensure isn’t lightweight; the spotlight is covered by way of a three 12 months ensure from Ryobi, and the Residing Depot’s go back protection lets you enliven your existence for 90 days risk-free. Snag one, pull the spark off, and lightweight up an enormous chew of YOUR global.


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